Ice saints to bring freezing weather

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MADRID – In the coming days, a cold air current from the Atlantic Ocean will cause a significant drop in temperature. A number of areas throughout Spain could even see temperatures drop to below freezing point. 

According to folk meteorology, the name days of a number of Catholic saints between May 11 and May 15 coincide with the last days of spring when there may still be frost. These so-called Ice Saints do indeed bring bad weather to Spain exactly on these days. 

The Ice Saints is the name given to St. Mamertus, St. Pancras, and St. Servatius. They are so called as their feast days fall within this time frame.

After a period of stable and pleasant weather in Spain, according to Meteored, a polar air current from the west towards the Iberian peninsula will end this summer weather. 

Lots of rain in April 

Last week’s fine weather came after it rained exceptionally heavily in Spain during April, especially in the Mediterranean coastal areas. In May, however, temperatures rose sharply and it has been even warmer than usual for the time of year. From today, considerably worse weather is to arrive with temperatures that may even drop to below freezing in places. 

Freezing temperatures in Ávila, León, Burgos, Soria and Valladolid 

Temperatures are forecast for Tuesday of 0 degrees in Ávila, 1 degree in León and Burgos and 2 degrees in Soria and Valladolid. Especially for farmers, the frost brought by the Ice Saints is a dreaded phenomenon that occurs exactly between 11 and 14 May this year. 

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