The weather in Spain at Christmas according to weather forecaster Jorge Rey

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Jorge Rey weather predictions

MADRID – The young meteorologist from Burgos, Jorge Rey, bases his weather forecasts mainly on the old method of ‘cabañuelas’. His predictions are closely followed in Spain.

This time he predicts the weather for Christmas. According to the weather forecaster, December will be characterised by colder weather. This is reflected in the saying: “December is an old man who wrinkles the skin” (diciembre es un viejo que arruga el pellejo).

Rey expects “stronger frost”, with temperatures that could drop to -4 degrees. He expects widespread rain and snow in Spain from Thursday, with 50 litres per square metre in the north and northeast of Spain. The west of Andalucia in turn can expect up to 20 litres of precipitation per m2. However, further along the Mediterranean coast, he predicts at most light rainfall.

Instability mid-month

Weather instability will increase from mid-December. “That’s when more depressions and storms can move in, gradually and with more force,” Jorge said.

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Rainy Christmas season

The Christmas period is expected to be “rainy”. Jorge recalls that in December the ‘témporas’ and ‘cabañuelas’ are completed, which provide more detailed forecasts for the coming winter and spring.

Wetter winter predicted

Although October already gave a preview, Jorge predicts a winter with “much more precipitation and wetter” than usual. He updates his forecasts monthly on the El Norte de Castilla website and shares his passion for meteorology on his YouTube channel ‘el tiempo con JR‘.

General predictions give little insight

While Jorge Rey’s predictions provide an interesting glimpse into what to expect in Spain this winter, they remain very general. Spain is a huge country where the weather can vary considerably depending on different climate influences. The expectations of the self-proclaimed meteorologist give them little insight into whether the areas in Catalonia and Andalucia, for example, affected by severe drought, can also count on more precipitation. The 4 degrees of frost will also mainly apply to inland areas and not to the Mediterranean coast.

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