Special offer of picturesque Spanish village: house, food and a monthly salary of 1,400 euros

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish village in Aragón

Once again, a picturesque Spanish village in a depopulated area is in the spotlight. In an increasingly urbanised world with many young people moving to the big cities, the Spanish countryside faces a major challenge: depopulation. Consequently, a number of villages are taking a creative approach to this.

In the midst of the problem of depopulation, La España vacia or abandoned Spain, seductive initiatives are emerging. They offer an alternative for people who are looking for a different life.

In Coscojuela de Sobrarbe, a picturesque Spanish village in the Huesca region of Aragon, a unique job opportunity awaits those who want to immerse themselves in the experience of living in a rural environment. It is a cozy village, which is located at 660 metres high and offers beautiful views over the Pyrenees.

Cogesa Expats

Restaurant makes attractive offer

The local restaurant, Casa Falceto, is now offering an unconventional but very attractive job. It is looking for waiters and an organic catering coordinator. No experience or higher education is necessary. And, the proposal does not stop at a job, but also includes benefits that go beyond the salary. In addition to a monthly salary of €1,400, the employees will receive accommodation in a room, access to discounts and training sessions ranging from yoga classes to other sports activities.

New life for depopulated Spain

This project aims not only to fill jobs, but also to revitalise ’empty Spain’ by offering a different lifestyle in an environment that promotes health and well-being. Within the village are historical monuments such as the 16th-century Church of San Martín. In addition, located less than ten kilometres from the charming medieval town of Ansa, Coscojuela de Sobrarbe is known as a destination full of opportunities for people looking for a change in their working and personal lives.

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