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¡Hola! Nice to meet you here at InSpain.news. Our mission is to be the most complete and entertaining website about Spain, in English.

We offer daily news across various categories with regular updates on living in Spain, travelling in Spain and background info on the origins of Spain.

We strongly believe English speakers and readers who are interested in this beautiful, sturdy, diverse and complex country, with its special and passionate population, deserve a website like InSpain.news.

Free content

We want all our content – made by huge Spain fans – to be free for our visitors. We are not planning to put up a pay wall, nor will we ask for contributions.

Reach English speaking Spain lovers

Instead, we are giving companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote their products and services directly to their target group: English speaking Spain lovers. Just like newspapers and magazines always have done. That is why you will see advertisements on InSpain.news.

Commercial articles from companies or about products/services which might be of interest to you will be published on the website as ‘guest posts’ and with acknowledgment of the source.

Contact us for more information on advertising on InSpain.news.

Experience on Dutch market

As founders of the successful Dutch website InSpanje.nl, we have no doubt an English equivalent will be an even greater success. InSpanje.nl currently generates 300,000 visitors and over 1 million pageviews monthly.

Suggestions and ideas always welcome

We enjoy informing and entertaining you with new articles on a daily basis. If you have any suggestions for improvements, topics of interest and content, please contact us on info@inspain.news

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¡A divertirse!

The InSpain.news Team