Mijas will give away 700 kilos of sardines on Wednesday

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espeto de sardines

On May 1, International Workers’ Day, the town of Mijas on the Costa del Sol organises a unique culinary event. No fewer than 700 kilos of sardines are distributed in the form of the most famous dish on the coast of the province of Malaga: ‘espetos de sardinas’. The festivities, known as the ‘sardinada’, take place in La Cala de Mijas.

If you want to enjoy free ‘espetos’, go to the Plaza de Torreón near the boulevard. There, twelve experienced ‘espeteros’, chefs who specialise in roasting sardines on an open fire, will ensure the perfect preparation of these fresh fish. The local neighbourhood association Santa Teresa also sells other snacks and drinks from a bar at friendly prices.

Festive activities

A large tent is set up for visitors. The day will be further enhanced with live music, making the celebration a cozy get-together dominated by the coast’s characteristic scent of grilled sardines. Silvia Marín, the municipal councillor responsible for Festivities in Mijas, invites both locals and tourists to participate in this special experience. This way everyone can enjoy the most famous dish of the province of Malaga and the famous Andalucian hospitality.

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If you have visited the province of Malaga without eating an ‘espeto de sardinas’, you have missed something. Spaniards see the espeto as ‘the king of summer in southern Spain. The grilled sardines are tastiest in the summer when there is no ‘r’ in the month. There are approximately 1,200 chiringuitos in Malaga and it would be very strange if such a beach restaurant did not offer espeto de sardinas. The espeteros string the fish, usually 6 to 8 per portion, on a stick and then roast them on an open fire that burns in old fishing boats transformed into barbecues or modern variants thereof. You don’t have to painstakingly remove the bones. They are often so soft that you can eat them.

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