Two Spanish cities in top six European cities with the best gastronomy

by Lorraine Williamson

Spain has established itself as one of Europe’s top tourist destinations in recent years. Last year, more than 85 million tourists visited Spain, representing an increase of more than 18% compared to 2022.

Gastronomy and climate are the most attractive factors of the country for the foreign tourists visiting Spain. They opt for Spanish traditions and gastronomic and cultural diversity.

Two Spanish cities in the ranking of cities with best gastronomy

A Spanish city has managed to secure a place in the ranking of ‘European cities with the best gastronomy’. The list was compiled by Dailybase, a Dutch platform. To do so, it analysed data from Tripadvisor. In total, the platform has obtained 2,906 5-star ratings from restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs in European cities, including a Spanish city.

And that’s Barcelona. The city ranks third with a total of 1,475 5-star ratings on Tripadvisor for its restaurants, cafes and bars. Tourists can enjoy tapas such as ‘patatas bravas’ and other Spanish dishes. In addition to Barcelona, there is another Spanish city on the list. That’s Madrid, in sixth place. The Spanish capital has 1,395 5-star ratings for its restaurants, bars and cafes, including Michelin stars. Without a doubt, Madrid’s gastronomy has become a ‘must’ for tourists visiting the city and wanting to try the famous ‘cocido madrileño’.

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The rest of the cities in the ranking

London has positioned itself as the city with the best food in its restaurants. In addition to the classic ‘fish and chips’ restaurants, the British capital has plenty of Asian and Italian restaurants where you can eat a delicious dish. The city has received an overall of 2,906 5-star reviews for its restaurants.

Paris is second on the list of European cities with the best gastronomy. On Tripadvisor, the French capital received 2,898 5-star reviews for its restaurants. Tourists who visit the city enjoy snails and sirloin, French bistros and cafes, among other things.

After Barcelona, Rome ranks fourth with 1,407 reviews, where restaurants offer traditional pasta carbonara or tasty lasagna. Athens is in fifth place. The Greek city has 1,403 Tripadvisor reviews and has 3- to 5-star restaurants for the country’s popular food. Greece is known for its tasty souvlaki, skewers of tasty meat grilled over an open fire, along with well-known dish moussaka.

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