El Pimpi, iconic Malaga restaurant, expands to Marbella

by Lorraine Williamson
El Pimpi

If you’ve ever been to Malaga, you’ve likely heard of El Pimpi or even dined there. Known for its iconic status in Malaga, El Pimpi is making its way to Marbella, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Now, the same experience is coming to Marbella, as El Pimpi is soon to open its doors at the Puente Romano Beach Resort.

The emblematic El Pimpi bodega and restaurant is making its way to Puente Romano Beach Resort, bringing with it the music, cuisine, and wines that have made it an institution in Andalucia. Nestled in the charming Calle Malaga, El Pimpi Marbella promises to offer an authentic taste of Andalucian tradition with its 50 years of history.

Gastronomic experience

El Pimpi Marbella promises a gastronomic experience based on traditional Malaga and Andalucian cuisine. Furthermore, with a focus on local, fresh, and seasonal produce, guests can expect a true taste of the region. Whether you’re looking for a quick drink on the terrace, a lunch of regional delights, a dinner accompanied by Spanish guitar music, or a post-dinner cocktail, El Pimpi Marbella offers a captivating environment brimming with Andalucian style and elegance.

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About El Pimpi

Founded in 1971, El Pimpi is one of Malaga’s most renowned bodegas. Initially made famous by the poetic readings of Antonio Gala and Gloria Fuertes, it quickly became the most emblematic and famous tapas bar in Malaga. Today, it remains a meeting place for celebrities, locals, and visitors alike, offering gastronomy, local wines, tradition, and culture in an authentic atmosphere.

The restaurant’s décor is inspired by flamenco and bullfighting motifs, featuring an extensive collection of fair posters. One of the most famous rooms is the “Salón de los Barriles” (The Barrel Room), where famous personalities from the world of culture, flamenco, cinema, music, and politics have left their mark on the barrels.

Cogesa Expats

El Pimpi has been visited by generations of flamenco, political, and artistic personalities. The Picasso family, Carmen Thyssen, La Repompa, Antonio Banderas, and the Duchess of Alba, among many others, are a testament to the history of this bodega. Today, it remains a meeting point for celebrities, locals, and visitors, recognized as a cultural and gastronomic entity of the highest order in Malaga.

Antonio Banderas, chose El Pimpi to film the film “The Way of the English”, as did the director Juan Antonio Bardem who filmed “The Young Picasso”.

El Pimpi Malaga

Founded in 1971, El Pimpi is located in an old 18th-century Malaga mansion and is one of the city’s most renowned bodegas. Here, visitors can enjoy local cuisine and wines, as well as the tradition and culture of southern Spain.

The name “El Pimpi” refers to a popular Malaga figure who assisted crews and passengers of ships arriving at the city’s port. Known for their attention and service, they soon became the first guides to Malaga for anyone unfamiliar with the city.

Visitors will be amazed by the centuries-old decoration and the privileged surroundings, surrounded by some of the most important historical monuments and cultural landmarks of the city: the Alcazaba, Roman Theater, Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Plaza de la Merced, and more.

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