Antonio Banderas opens new restaurant one of Malaga´s top locations

by Lorraine Williamson
Antonio Banderas new restaurant

MALAGA – Antonio Banderas has officially opened his highly anticipated restaurant, La Pérgola del Mediterráneo, in Málaga. Located in the main building of Club Mediterráneo, between the La Malagueta district and the port, the establishment aims to become a gastronomic hotspot in the city.  

The restaurant features an enormous and charming terrace and offers a unique blend of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and an Asian-inspired menu for evening dining. 

Quiet start 

The opening of La Pérgola del Mediterráneo has been carefully managed, with a limited capacity of up to 60 diners in its outdoor and lounge areas. Pablo Gonzalo Portillo, Antonio Banderas’ partner in the Tercer Acto hotel group, explained that they wanted to avoid any potential mishaps and chose to have a quiet start without any official announcements on social media. The initial clientele consists of individuals associated with the club, and the restaurant plans to gradually expand its services from the end of this week. 

Two kitchen concepts 

The restaurant showcases two distinct kitchen concepts. On one hand, it offers traditional Mediterranean dishes featuring rice, fish, and meat, while on the other hand, it has a dedicated space for Asian cuisine, similar to the menu at Banderas’ other restaurant, Tercer Acto. The Asian menu will be exclusively available for dinner from the week commencing July 10. 

Strategic location 

Strategically situated in Málaga’s port area, La Pérgola del Mediterráneo enjoys a prime location near the beach, Pier One, and the recently renovated Casa de Botes. The restaurant pays homage to the location’s history by restoring its iconic semi-circular roof and preserving other notable elements, including the wrought iron chairs on the terrace. 

Cogesa Expats

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Major events 

La Pérgola del Mediterráneo will employ a staff of 50 to 80 individuals, depending on the events hosted. Already, the restaurant has scheduled several major events for the first two weeks of July, in addition to family and corporate gatherings. To enhance accessibility for non-members, a new door has been opened, providing direct access to the restaurant’s terrace with a view of Casa de Botes. 

Remarkable dining experience 

With a total capacity of up to 700 diners, including cocktail-style events, La Pérgola offers a remarkable dining experience. The terrace alone can accommodate 500 guests, while the lounge area can seat an additional 200. This latest addition to the Tercer Acto Group’s portfolio further solidifies its presence in the hospitality industry, joining the ranks of Tercer Acto, Doña Inés, La Barra de Doña Inés, and Atrezzo. 

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