Málaga no ‘zona tensionada’, city council will not limit rents

by Lorraine Williamson
Zona tensionada

Málaga will not become a ‘zona tensionada’ in order to limit rents. Nor will it ask the Junta de Andalucía to remedy the housing problem in the city. The city council has rejected several initiatives for the rental and real estate market from the PSOE.

One of the PSOE’s proposals was to declare the city a ‘zona tensionada’. This would mean that rents could only be increased with inflation adjustment, in accordance with the Housing Act.

But the socialist motion to recognise the serious housing problem in the city and metropolitan area and to ask the Junta de Andalucía to “remedy the dramatic situation suffered by many people in the province” has also failed. A motion by the PSOE on regulating tourist housing in the city was approved.

PSOE: lack of housing is the biggest problem

Spokesman for the local PSOE, Daniel Pérez, stressed that “the main problem in the city is the lack of housing, whether buying or renting”. Both are impossible, he stressed, due to “the policies of the PP and the mayor.”

Cogesa Expats

He alluded to the rise in house prices in the city of Málaga in recent years and warned that the people of Málaga are being “displaced”. Therefore, “this situation cannot be maintained for another minute”. Pérez called on the city council to “recognise that Málaga has a housing problem. And to declare the zona tensionada, so that the Junta, which is competent, can do something.”

Partido Popular also believes that housing is important

From the PP, the councillor for Housing, Francisco Pomares, has made it clear that housing is also the main concern of the “popular” group and the mayor. Not only now, but also in the long term. “A total of 5,331 homes have been built. That’s the balance now.” Pomares further urged the construction of “decent, affordable and accessible housing. He also pointed to the 2023-2027 municipal housing plan, “which has the support of the construction sector, which has the support of the EIB, which has the support of Sepes, which has the support of the Ministry of Housing… Just not from the PSOE”.

VOX’s criticism of PSOE’s housing motion

Vox councillor Yolanda Gómez stated that there are motions on housing “time and time again”. In her speech, she asked the PSOE “how many houses they built when they ruled the Junta”. She rejected the motion of the socialists, criticising the central government’s housing law, among other things.

Spain at the bottom of the list in terms of public housing

Deputy spokesman for Con Málaga, Nicolás Sguiglia, questioned “why Spain is at the bottom in terms of public housing”. He stated that “experts point out that this is due to the Spanish government’s policy on housing”. There is too much collusion between political and economic power, which is linked to developers, builders and land speculators.”

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