Semana Santa is sacred to Antonio Banderas

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Antonio Banderas Semana Santa Malaga

For Antonio Banderas, Semana Santa is particularly important. The film star from The Mask of Zorro, among others, has contractually agreed that he will be free during Easter week. Banderas then returns to his hometown of Malaga to participate in the processions of his brotherhood.

Banderas is one of Spain’s best-known actors and has served as an ambassador for the city of Malaga for years. With his fame, he regularly puts the capital of the province of the same name in the spotlight. During Semana Santa, the actor takes part in the ceremonies of his brotherhood María Santísima de las Lágrimas y Favores.

Dutch girlfriend accompanied Banderas

On Palm Sunday, the Hollywood star visited the Parish Church of San Juan Bautista. He attended the traditional ceremony of the transfer of the Virgin Mary. Antonio Banderas visited his brotherhood’s church with his Dutch girlfriend Nicole Kimpel. The couple waited patiently for the ceremony to begin and sang the Lágrimas de San Juan Hymne with the other attendees.

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Brotherhood Antonio Banderas cancels procession

However, the joy of being together was short-lived. The procession that many look forward to all year round was cancelled due to rain. Banderas said he understands the fraternity’s decision. “It was meant to be. We have to accept it.” The actor did not hesitate to comfort others.

Afterwards, the actor spoke to television channel Antena 3. He emphasised how important Semana Santa is to him: “In both theatre and film contracts, I stipulate that I want to be free every year during Semana Santa to enjoy this week.”

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