Silent Saturday, one of the most wintry days of the year in Spain

Low-pressure system Nelson leaves its mark on Semana Santa

by Lorraine Williamson
silent Saturday

Although spring has begun, Silent Saturday is expected to be the most wintry day of the year in Spain. Spanish meteorological services predict rain across the country. Additionally, coastal areas and islands should expect strong winds.

Nelson continues to be a topic of concern. According to the AEMET weather service, the low-pressure system will bring more rain and wind on Easter Saturday. Snow is expected in the mountains, with the possibility of fog banks. Heavy rain is expected, especially in Andalucia and Galicia.

The Canary Islands will be cloudy, with precipitation expected to be light. In the eastern part of mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands, there may still be Saharan dust, although the amount is decreasing.

Highest temperatures on Silent Saturday in the Canary Islands

Temperatures range from just above freezing in the inland areas to highs of 24 degrees on the Canary Islands. In the Balearic Islands, temperatures will reach a maximum of 18 degrees, as will much of Andalucia. The east coast can expect temperatures of 20 degrees. The Basque Country and Castile and León are the only areas where a slight increase in temperature is expected. In the higher mountain areas, the mercury can drop below zero.

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Strong winds in many regions

In many coastal areas and the Balearic Islands, winds can be strong to severe, with powerful gusts in the southern part of Spain and the Mediterranean. Additionally, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and the regions on the southern coast of the mainland should be prepared for high waves. The Canary Islands will also experience moderate to strong westerly winds, which may cause turbulent conditions along the coasts.

Wintry day in the mountains

The province of Huesca in Aragon is under a yellow alert for snowfall. In northern Spain, the snow line is between 900 and 1,200 metres, in the Pyrenees between 1,400 and 1,600 metres, and in other mountain areas above 1,400 metres.

In summary, low-pressure system Nelson is clearly present during Spanish Semana Santa. All in all, this Easter Saturday is expected to be the most wintry day of the year for Spain. So, umbrellas and raincoats will certainly come in handy on this Silent Saturday.

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