Stormy weather in Spain on Good Friday

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The Spanish weather service AEMET predicts stormy weather for Good Friday. Although the farmers will cheer, the weather gods are not kind to the many Semana Santa enthusiasts and holidaymakers. Today there is also a good chance that planned processions will be cancelled.

Cold and rain in Andalucia, snow in the Pyrenees, strong winds in the coastal areas… Mainland Spain is expected to suffer from low pressure area Storm Nelson. Weather service AEMET predicts a lot of clouds and precipitation in almost the entire country. There is also a chance of thunder here and there. In the far east of the peninsula the chance of precipitation is smaller, although the coastal areas of Valencia and Catalonia have to take strong winds into account.

Balearic Islands have relatively good weather

There doesn’t seem to be any stormy weather on the Balearic Islands today and it remains fairly dry. The south-west of Spain, on the other hand, can count on more precipitation. In Aragon and the Pyrenees it could rain locally heavily and persistently. There is also a chance of clouds and precipitation on the Canary Islands. Particularly in the western part of the archipelago, it could rain heavily locally. Although it is relatively cold in many parts of Spain, temperatures are rising in Galicia and the Balearic Islands. In the higher mountain areas, snow may fall locally and it could freeze.

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Umbrella and raincoat on Good Friday

Despite the many preparations for Semana Santa, the question is whether the hundreds of planned processions will go ahead. Although some brotherhoods have already announced that they will stay ‘indoors’, in most cases it is only decided at the last minute whether a procession will go ahead or not. In any case, a strong umbrella or a good raincoat are not an unnecessary luxury on this stormy Good Friday.

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