65 years and above in Spain pay 2 euros for the cinema on Tuesdays

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The Spanish Council of Ministers approved the second edition of the Senior Cinema Program on Tuesday, March 26. The government is allocating €12 million for the program that gives everyone aged 65 and older the opportunity to go to the cinema for €2.

Spain offers every person over 65 the opportunity to enjoy the latest films for little money. The Spanish Minister of Culture explained in a press conference that the government wants to support cinemas with this decision. The measure is aimed at the 9.5 million people aged 65 and over in Spain. This group can see a film on Tuesdays for just €2 .

Tickets can be purchased online and at the box office

The measure was not only created to support cinemas financially, but also to contribute to the art cinemas as cultural heritage. The Spanish minister says that everyone should have access to culture, regardless of origin, age or income. During this second edition, people over 65 can buy their tickets online or at the box office.

A reserve fund of €1.75 million has also been created for this second edition. During the first edition, several cinemas ran out of credit and were unable to complete the program. It has also been agreed to launch an advertising campaign involving operators, distributors and the Ministry of Culture.

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Cinema should be accessible to everyone

According to the Minister of Culture, the film industry is an “essential” sector for culture. Moreover, he recalls that cinemas have had great difficulty recovering after the pandemic, partly due to the declining number of visitors aged 65 and over. He also indicates that culture should be accessible to everyone throughout Spain.

About the first edition, the minister said it was a “resounding success”. Attendance on Tuesdays increased by 49% compared to the previous year, from 2.7 million spectators to 4 million. Moreover, he said that the number of visitors on Tuesdays grew twice as fast as on the other days of the week.

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