New in Málaga: changing rooms at the beach

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changing rooms

To offer beach visitors in Malaga a more comfortable experience, the municipality has decided to install changing rooms on the beaches this summer. These are the beaches of La Malagueta and La Misericordia.

Beaches Councilor Teresa Porras announced the decision. The decision follows the same initiative in the neighbouring municipality of Rincon de la Victoria, where wooden changing rooms increase the comfort of beachgoers. It marks a return to a service that was once popular at Balneario del Carmen beach, but has since disappeared from urban beach culture. It’s a plus for beachgoers. No more complicated maneuvers with a bath towel to prevent fellow beachgoers from seeing too much.


The planned changing rooms will also provide facilities for babies and for people with disabilities. On La Malagueta beach, the changing room will be integrated into the existing bathroom facilities near the Antonio Martín restaurant. The facility at La Misericordia will be specifically aimed at accessibility for the disabled. This facility will be located close to the letters ‘La Misericordia’.

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Sustainable water use

In parallel with this development, the municipality of Málaga is investigating sustainable water use options for the showers and foot washes on the beaches. Initiatives such as the use of desalinated seawater or groundwater are being considered. These projects are still in the early stages of research.

Criticism of water use

However, the introduction of these new features does not come without controversy. Criticism from the opposition emphasises unequal treatment in water use. Swimming pools of hotels and tourist apartments and officially registered holiday homes may be filled, but those of private individuals and residential blocks may not. Criticism mainly comes from left-oriented parties. They call it discrimination against the residents of Andalucia. The fact that, according to them, little or nothing has been done to limit water consumption in the tourism sector is also a thorn in the side of many.

Rain is forecast in the province in the coming days. Perhaps this will alleviate the water shortage somewhat.

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