Antonio Banderas becomes the face of Andalucia Tourism

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Antonio banderas is the new face of Andalucia tourism

Malaga-born actor Antonio Banderas becomes the new figurehead of Turismo Andaluz. The southern Spanish region hopes to attract more visitors with the world famous and widely loved actor.

Andalucian vice-president and regional tourism minister, Juan Marín announced Banderas as the face of the Andalucia tourism campaign at the Fitur in Madrid. The new promotional campaign also launched at the same time.

Marín described Banderas as “a person with enormous national and international relevance, who has been ambassador of Andalucia for many years and arouses a lot of sympathy.”

The Malagueño is part of the new Andalucian tourism promotion campaign. It seeks to “open up new markets and adapt to what travellers demand today: experiences and emotions.

“Andalucia is a destination where dreams come true,” Marín further explained. With this new campaign, Andalucia tourism is saying goodbye to the characteristic motto ‘intensamente’ (intense). The region has been using the phrase in its campaigns for almost six years.

Last year, the actor jumped into action for his region when he called on tourists to return to Andalucia in early June after periods of lockdown around the world.

Antonio Banderas

Born in Málaga in 1960, Banderas returned to his native soil after a glorious international career as a film star. He lives in Málaga, started a new theatre there and invested his film income in companies that market Andalucian products. His first fame came from the series of films directed by Pedro Almodóvar between 1982 and 1990.

Click here for the promotional video of the Costa del Sol in which Banderas also plays a role.

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