Marbella receives the award for best European destination 2024

by Lorraine Williamson
Marbella - Best European destination

Marbella is increasingly seen as one of the best places in the world to visit. Proof of this is the award received by the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, on Saturday for the best European destination in 2024. The award was presented by the prestigious travel website ‘European Best Destinations’.

The event took place at the El Fuerte hotel and was attended by professionals from the local tourism industry. “It is a confirmation of Marbella as a brand and our commitment to a concept of tourism based on quality and excellence. This award represents a promotional impact of more than €12 million for the city, with a global audience of 420 million travellers,” Muñoz said. She thanked the “professionalism and commitment” of all those involved in the tourism sector “without whom this award would not be possible”. But also, employees and residents, “who not only ensure that we have a wonderful additional offer, but also that our visitors feel at home”.

Recognition and promotion for Marbella

“This recognition is especially important because it is granted by the European Union. And it reflects the opinion of travellers, tourism professionals and the media,” Muñoz said, recalling that almost 200,000 people “put Marbella at the top of the podium”. The mayor explained that thanks to this European Best Destination award, Marbella is promoted not only on the organisation’s travel website, but also in media such as Forbes USA, Condé Nast and Paris Match, “where people talk about the excellence of our city”.

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Best Destination

The CEO of European Best Destination, Maximilien Lejeune, emphasised that European Best Destination is “an award given on behalf of millions of travellers. It is the favourite of tourists looking for the best gastronomy, wellness, sports, sun, beaches and leisure,” he said.

Highest number of votes

Marbella has received the highest number of votes in the fifteen-year history of this international award, with more than one million participants from 172 countries. The southern Spanish city received a total of 149,192 votes. That’s a record number since this award was created. It is the first Spanish city to receive this recognition, after the city came second two years ago, according to the organisation. It further highlighted that “84% of travellers who chose the city as their best European destination did so from outside Spain”

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