Prolonged wintery weather in Spain in the near future

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wintery weather

While Spain is preparing for a weekend full of rain and wind, a new storm is announcing itself that may bear the name Monica. This storm continues the stormy, wintery weather with more rain and snow.

But how long will this wintery weather last? According to, the forecast for next week promises little change: it will remain cold with persistent rainfall.

Changeable weekend

This weekend, rain and snow will mainly affect the north of the Iberian Peninsula. With frequent and intense precipitation. On Saturday the rain will spread to the entire interior, albeit very irregularly. Possible Storm Monica, which would be labelled the thirteenth major impact storm of the season, will enter the country from the west of France on Sunday morning, mainly affecting the northern half of the peninsula. Areas there can count on abundant precipitation.

Persistent rain and snow

After the weekend, the new storm, which will cross France and move towards the Mediterranean Sea, will continue to bring precipitation and an increase in wind. Storms will continue to batter the coasts. On Monday, rains could even reach the Andalucian Mediterranean coast, Ceuta and Melilla. Meanwhile, the rain continues in the north of the peninsula. There the snow line is also decreasing due to the inflow of a new polar air mass.

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Snow in the mountains

Snow may fall again on Monday in all mountain ranges between 700 and 900 metres. The storm will approach the Mediterranean on Tuesday. In combination with a high-pressure area above the Azores, a northerly wind will cause persistent precipitation, so there is a high chance of snow, in the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees. It will also possibly snow in the north of the Iberian System and the Central System. The snow line is between 700 and 900 metres but rises towards the end of the day.

Uncertainty about the long-term

Although there is uncertainty, current models indicate that the north and northwest of the peninsula in particular may experience precipitation throughout the week. The rest of the country will see less precipitation.

Cold week ahead

After the passage of Storm Louis, temperatures have dropped, but there is no question of a cold wave. Although temperatures will temporarily rise on Sunday due to the warmer air brought by the new storm, a new cold polar air mass will reach Spain behind this storm.

Temperatures will drop again on Monday, with a slight increase on Tuesday, followed by another drop on Thursday. In general, temperatures will be slightly below normal for this time of year, a relief after weeks of unusually warm weather.

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