Will Spain lose British tourists to competing destinations?

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British tourists

As Spain prepares for the summer season, the economic situation in the UK casts a shadow over the expected numbers of British tourists. According to a recent report by the Spanish tourism bureau Turespaña, the general perception of Spain as a tourist destination among Brits has declined between October and March.

While prospects for the summer look promising, everything depends on the economic conditions in the UK. These are characterised by a technical recession, high inflation, and rising interest rates that limit the budget of British households.

Currency fluctuations 

Uncertainty is further compounded by the fluctuating exchange rate of the British pound against the euro and the US dollar. According to Turespaña there is a risk that the favourable trend for Spain could be undone, and British tourists might opt for more budget-friendly destinations such as Turkey and Greece, especially if the pound continues to depreciate against other major currencies.

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Impact of ‘staycations’

In addition to economic factors, the phenomenon of ‘staycations’, where Brits choose to vacation domestically, plays a role. This trend has gained momentum and contributes to the reduced demand for foreign travel. Despite these challenges, the flight programming for the summer season of 2024 shows a growth of 8.5% compared to the previous year, with the capacity of competitors such as Italy and Greece nearly tripled.

Competition should not be underestimated

If the economic situation improves and uncertainty decreases, Turespaña considers it likely that there will be a positive trend in searches and bookings to Spain. However, the organisation emphasises that despite the high ratings for Spain as a favoured destination, the competition should not be underestimated, especially as other Mediterranean destinations like Turkey and Greece gain in popularity. The report calls for proactive measures to maintain and further strengthen Spain’s position as a top destination for British travellers.

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