Spanish city recovers from impressive hail storm

“It seemed to be the end of the world,” said one resident

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A Spanish city is still recovering from a massive hail storm that hit in the early hours of Thursday.

The storm, which reached Zamora in the Castile and León region from the south, brought heavy rain, lightning, thunder, strong winds and a deluge of hail between 1.10 am and 1.30 am. It was still visible on the pavements even 7 hours later, with a thickness of several centimetres in some places.

Floods and power outages

The most critical situations occurred in the low-lying areas of Cardenal Cisneros Street towards Plaza Mayor. Problems also arose around Ronda de la Feria and Plaza de la Puebla. There, the accumulation of hail mixed with leaves from treetops caused considerable nuisance. Several streets still have no electricity after the storm disrupted the power supply. Los Herreros, Alfonso XII streets and some parts of the Los Bloques district are among those affected.

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Cleaning work in full swing

The road service of the Junta de Castilla y León has been called in to assist with the cleaning work. The fire brigade received several calls due to water accumulating on terraces, courtyards and in basements and parking garages of buildings and forcing its way inside. In just a few minutes, 12 litres of rain per square metre were measured. To the residents of Zamora, this seemed somewhat apocalyptic: “It looked like the end of the world,” one of them said in the newspaper La Opinión de Zamora. Fortunately, no personal accidents occurred.

The city, known for its historic beauty and cultural heritage, is now working hard to repair the damage caused by the hailstorm. The authorities hope to get back to normal soon.

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