Storm Karlotta will hit Spain with heavy rain

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The arrival of the Atlantic storm Karlotta is expected to bring heavy rainfall and strong gusts of wind up to 110 km/h in various parts of Spain, especially in Galicia, the western coast of Andalucia, and the mountainous regions.

The Spanish meteorological service Aemet warns of an orange alert in multiple parts of Spain. Different autonomous regions will be affected by Storm Karlotta in their own way. The weather agency advises residents and visitors to closely monitor the weather forecasts to take the necessary precautions to stay safe during this intense weather phenomenon.

The impact of Karlotta by region:


Cloudy with general rain showers that can be persistent and sometimes heavy in the western part. Minimum temperatures rise in the eastern part, while maximum temperatures slightly decrease in the west.


Predominantly cloudy with light rain, which will be less frequent and less intense along the eastern coastline. Snow line around 1,400-1,600 metres. Remarkable rise in minimum temperatures, with a decrease in maximum temperatures.


Mist in the southwest peaks, with predominantly cloudy skies and general precipitation. Rainfall due to Storm Karlotta will intensify during the afternoon but be less frequent and intense along the coast. Minimum temperatures rise, especially along the coast, while maximum temperatures decrease.

Basque Country:

Afternoon showers less intense in the south, with predominantly cloudy skies. Significant rise in minimum temperatures and little change in maximum temperatures.

Castilla y León:

Interval of cloudiness with precipitation, starting in the morning in the northwest mountain area and spreading across the entire region. Snow line above 1,800 or 2,000 metres. Minimum temperatures rise, while maximum temperatures decrease in the west and slightly decrease in the east.


Cloudiness increases in the afternoon, with light rain in the northern third part, especially in the Pyrenees. Snow line around 1,400-1,600 metres by the end of the day. Rise in minimum temperatures and slight decrease in maximum temperatures.

La Rioja:

Interval of cloudiness with chance of light, scattered precipitation in the afternoon, mainly in the mountains; snow line above 1,800 metres. Rise in minimum temperatures and little change in maximum temperatures.

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Cloudiness increases in the afternoon, with precipitation in the Pyrenees and weak expansion to the northern and southern parts of the Iberian mountain range. Snow line drops to 1,500-1,700 metres. Rise in minimum temperatures and slight decrease in maximum temperatures.


Few clouds with increasing high clouds, precipitation expected in the Pyrenees of Lleida. Snow line around 1,600-1,800 metres. General temperature rise.


Cloudiness increases, with precipitation spreading from the northwest across the entire region. Maximum temperatures decrease.


Morning and evening mist, cloudiness increasing from west to east, with precipitation spreading in the afternoon. Rise in minimum temperatures and decrease in maximum temperatures in the mountains.

Castilla-La Mancha:

Morning mist, cloudiness increasing; precipitation in the afternoon, less likely in Albacete. Snow line around 1,600 metres by the end of the day.

Valencian Community:

Few clouds with increasing high clouds, afternoon showers inland, especially in Alicante and the north of Castellón. Decrease in minimum temperatures on the coast of Alicante and rise in maximum temperatures inland of Valencia.

Region of Murcia:

Predominantly clear, increasing cloudiness in the afternoon, with chance of weak precipitation in the north by evening. Balearic Islands: Morning mist; few clouds with increasing high clouds. Daytime temperatures little changed, nighttime temperatures rise.


Morning mist along the Atlantic side, cloudiness increasing, with precipitation spreading from west to east in the afternoon, intensifying towards the evening, very intense on Friday. Snow line around 1,900 metres in the Sierra Morena.

Canary Islands:

Cloudiness with high clouds and light calima, decreasing in the western province. Temperatures rise, especially on the east side, with possible remarkable increases in the northeast.

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