Anticipated weather shift in Malaga and Costa del Sol as December nears

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weather shift from November to December

As December approaches, Malaga and the Costa del Sol are set to experience a continuation of spring-like temperatures, as forecasted by Spain’s Met Office, Aemet. This is despite the recent “normal” temperatures for this season.

The mercury rose to 18°C in Malaga city, 20 degrees along the coast, and 15-16 in Antequera and Ronda. However, a shift is expected soon.

Return to higher-than-avereage temperatures

The change will see a return to higher-than-average temperatures, reaching up to 21-22°C. This is largely due to the warm autumn ‘terral’ wind. Aemet’s regional delegate, Juan de Dios del Pino, notes these temperatures are unusual for late November, with less than a 20% probability of occurrence.

Looking ahead, early next week is also predicted to bring higher temperatures, potentially hitting 23°C. José Luis Escudero, head of SUR’s weather blog, compares this November’s warmth to 2022’s record temperatures, anticipating similar highs.

As for precipitation, only minimal rainfall is expected for the remainder of November, with a slight chance of rain inland. This is particularly in the Antequera region, next Tuesday (28 November).

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Storm with rain front around 1 December

The onset of December, however, brings hope for a notable weather shift. Then, temperatures are expected to drop to typical December averages of around 19°C, or possibly 17°C. Crucially, given the severe drought in the province, a storm with an associated front is anticipated to arrive next Friday. This will potentially bring substantial, widespread rainfall across Malaga province.

The meteorologists caution optimism, acknowledging past disappointments in rainfall expectations. They await more details from the European weather model expected over the weekend. The forecast, if accurate, signals a significant shift in weather from a notably dry November, which has historically been a wet month for the region.

Spain next week

The high pressure system over Spain and the Atlantic that has been blocking fronts is expected to retreat on Sunday. A front associated with a storm will approach the northern part of Spain on Sunday, bringing rain to Galicia and the Cantabrian communities on Monday. The front will also reach the Pyrenees, where snow is expected above 1,200-1,600 metres. Some rain may also fall in other northern areas such as the plateau and the Iberian system.

Tuesday will be a transition day between fronts, with rain continuing in the north, mainly in the eastern Cantabrian region and the Pyrenees. Cloudiness will be abundant, especially on the Atlantic side, as a storm approaches from the Atlantic.

On Thursday, a very active front could cross the peninsula, bringing widespread and abundant rain. The following week may be more rainy than usual in the western part of the peninsula. As for temperatures, nights will be cold with some frost this weekend. In the coming week, temperatures will vary by day and region, but overall, they are expected to remain close to normal for this time of year. Minimum temperatures will rise due to cloud cover, and maximum temperatures will be slightly above normal in most of the country.

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