Concerns about disappearing beach in El Saler, Valencia

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disappearing beach

EL SALER – Residents of El Saler have sounded the alarm about the shrinking of the newly reclaimed beaches. Three million cubic metres of sand was added to the beach for €25 million, some of which is already disappearing, and the sea has already taken back.

However, according to technicians from the General Directorate of Coasts, this is a normal process that falls within expectations. This is how they reassure residents.

Disappearing beach

The government delegation emphasises that the recent sea rise is normal. Therefore it does not mean that the sand is being lost. A sand wedge 120 metres wide was created to eventually reclaim 70-75 metres of beach. However, the sea is expected to recede between 30 and 70 metres.

Cogesa Expats

Despite assurances from the government agency, residents remain skeptical and are calling for the installation of artificial reefs to stabilise erosion. However, this option is not currently being considered by the coastal authorities.

Regeneration projects

These regeneration projects are part of a wider effort to stabilise Valencia’s southern beaches, which are expected to last for the next 50 years. The extent to which this is successful remains dependent on the severity of future storms, which may be intensified by climate change. Various options are being considered to combat erosion, including artificial barriers or reefs. The danger of this is that they can disrupt the natural coastal dynamics.

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