Heavy hail storm ravages Valencia and Albacete

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large hailstones

VALENCIA – An intense hail storm hit the provinces of Valencia and Albacete on Sunday, with Requena (Valencia) and Villatoya (Albacete) as the main epicentres of the damage.

The storm, which had already been warned by several weather services, caused serious traffic problems and significant damage to crops and property. Yellow warnings for heavy rainfall and thunderstorms had been issued in inland regions of Valencia. However, the impact of the hail storm was exceptionally heavy. The A-3 highway at Requena was completely covered in ice balls which led to many problems and traffic chaos.

Images of chaos and hailstones

Several videos were shared on social media throughout the afternoon showing the chaos and size of the hail. They showed images of the size of the hailstones, of just a faint white world without end or beginning and a video of the chaos caused by the hailstorm on the N322 national road.

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Concerns about the impact of hail on vineyards

The Valencian Farmers’ Association took to Twitter to express concern about the impact of the hail, particularly on the vineyards. Moreover, hundreds of hectares of vineyards in the region are on the eve of the grape harvest and could be destroyed by the natural disaster.

Hail the size of ping pong balls

Albacete was also not spared. In the area around Villatoya, cars, buildings and streets were covered by hailstones. These fell in just a few minutes and were the size of ping pong balls. Although the image was reminiscent of a winter setting, this was a summer hail storm moving northeast at more than 50 km/h.


Furthermore, meteorologists warn that the severe weather will continue. A new DANA (isolated low-pressure area over warm seawater) is expected later this week. It will bring more precipitation, especially in the Mediterranean and the Balearic Islands.

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