Kings League Finals are in Málaga

by Lorraine Williamson
Kings League

MALAGA – La Rosaleda, the stadium of Malaga CF, will be transformed into a venue for seven-a-side football on October 14. The finals of the Kings and Queens League Cup will take place there. 

The special football competition is an initiative of former star footballer Gerard Piqué in collaboration with the popular streamer Ibai Llanos. Within a year, these series of seven-a-side football matches, of which the Kings and Queens Cups are a part, have turned the sporting world upside down. Furthermore, they have also drastically changed the way younger audiences watch and experience football. 

What is the Kings League? 

The Kings League is an online streamed football competition consisting of several tournaments, including the Kings and Queens Cup. What makes this league unique is that the teams are led by popular streamers with a massive following, often on YouTube and other social networks. The idea is to bring football closer to fans. This is especially for the younger audience who are increasingly interested in the interactive and online aspects of sport. 

The event in Málaga 

Both the men’s and women’s finals will take place in La Rosaleda, the home stadium of Malaga CF. This means that the planned Primera RFEF match for that weekend will have to be rescheduled. 

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The choice of Málaga as the host city was announced via a short video on social media in which the organisers simply said: “Nos vemos en Málaga” (See you in Málaga). 

Organisers had previously conducted a poll among fans to determine the venue for the finals. The Costa del Sol city was the overwhelming favourite. Previous finals were held at Barcelona’s Camp Nou and Madrid’s Metropolitano Stadium. 

Previous finals 

The first final of the Kings League tournament was played in March 2023 at Camp Nou. Then, over 90,000 fans were in the stands and approximately 2.2 million people followed the event on various social networks. In that final, El Barrio FC became champions. In the Metropolitano, the xBuyer Team was the winning team for the Kings. Meanwhile for the Queens, it was PIO FC. 

Ticket sales 

Tickets to attend the final stages of the King’s League in Malaga will go on sale from September 18 on the official Kingsleague. pro website. That same day, a vote will be held on social networks to determine a format for the final . Prizes for the final phase of the Kings and Queens Cup in Malaga have not yet been confirmed. In the previous edition of Camp Nou, prices ranged from €10 to €65, while in the Metropolitan they were between €24 and €95. 

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