Summit meeting of local mayors Costa del Sol about water supply

by Lorraine Williamson
local mayors

MALAGA – High on the agenda were improvements to the water supply and transport in the province. This was a meeting involving 25 local mayors from municipalities around Malaga City and along the Costa del Sol. 

The 25 most important municipalities in the province of Malaga suffer from the same types of problems in terms of water shortages, lack of efficient public road and rail transport and housing problems, among others. With these common problems as a starting point, the mayors recently met at the invitation of the mayor of Malaga City, Francisco de la Torre. The aim was to form a united front and advocate for the necessary investments from both the Junta de Andalucía and the Spanish government. 

Tackling the consequences of drought 

The SUR newspaper asked these mayors what their biggest investment demands are and what they see as the main shortcomings of the province of Malaga. Tackling the consequences of the long-term drought came first. There should be greater urgency in building desalination plants to convert seawater into drinking water and water for agricultural irrigation. 

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Improvements to road and rail connections 

Several mayors also indicated that they wanted to see improvements in road and rail connections. These include the decades-old, but still unrealised, coastal rail project along the Costa del Sol. The mayors would like to see an extension of the Cercanías rail network of short-distance connections that now connects Malaga with Fuengirola and with Alora. The wish is that citizens can take the train between Nerja and Estepona. 

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