In this supermarket in Spain you can buy the tastiest bread

by Lorraine Williamson
supermarket bread

The Spanish Organisation of Consumers and Users, OCU, conducts surveys every year to analyse products that are most bought by consumers. One of those products is bread from the supermarket. OCU has announced the results of this study.

For the study, OCU analysed the percentage of customers who regularly shop for groceries in 18 major supermarkets. In addition to bread, the OCU also assessed other products in the study, such as meat, fish, hygiene products, and vegetables, among many others, which will later be published in other OCU publications.

Bread is an important part of Mediterranean diet

Bread is still one of the most consumed foods in Spain. It is an important part of the meal for many people and, as the crown jewel of the Mediterranean diet, should not be missing from the table.

Bread from the bakery is always considered much better than that from the supermarket. However, often, it is easier to buy it at the grocery store. Most supermarkets sell bread, but the quality can vary. It depends on many components. First of all, of course, the ingredients, but also additives, texture and taste.

Cogesa Expats

And the winner is…

With its analysis, the OCU has been able to establish that the supermarket rated best for the quality of its bread is Lidl. In this supermarket, 55% of the customers buy bread on a regular basis.

Just behind Lidl, the OCU has placed Mercadona at number two of the list, with only 3 points behind the German chain. So Lidl and Mercadona have the best supermarket bread in the OCU.

At the other end of the spectrum is Bonàrea, a Catalan chain, which sits 22 points below average. With this score, it is the supermarket where customers buy the least bread of all the supermarkets surveyed.

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