King Felipe VI swears allegiance to the flag again in presence of Princess Leonor

by Lorraine Williamson

On Saturday, Spain’s King Felipe VI again took the oath of allegiance at the Zaragoza Military Academy. He did not do this for the first time. It was a commemorative act for the 40th anniversary of the swearing-in of his class, the class XLIV.

The ceremony began promptly at 11.30 am. It was attended by almost all members of the royal family, with the exception of the Infanta Sofia. Queen Letizia accompanied her husband on stage. Princess Leonor, who took the oath of allegiance last October, followed him and the rest of his classmates to the parade ground of the Zaragoza Military Academy.


The ceremony began with the arrival of the monarchs who, as usual, were received to the sounds of the national anthem accompanied by 21 volleys. When the ceremony was over, the King, accompanied by the director of the Academy, proceeded to watch the troops gathered at the academy’s parade ground in Zaragoza.

After King Felipe VI had escorted his wife, Queen Letizia, to the box from where she followed the swearing-in, Felipe took his seat next to his companions. Like Leonor on October 7 last year, the King was the first of the graduating class to step forward.

History of the flag

The flag was created at the request of Queen Maria Cristina of Habsburg, the widow of King Alfonso XII and was embroidered by Spanish craftswomen of the time. It was presented on July 17, 1886 at the Alcázar de Toledo, then the site of the Military Academy. Since then, more than 23,000 officers have kissed the flag. Including Princess Leonor, in October last year.

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King Felipe VI and his classmates

The Spanish king was dressed in his daily uniform of captain general of the army. To this he had attached the decoration of lieutenant colonel. The monarch took off his headgear and kissed the flag. To applause, he left the place of the ceremony and went to his wife in the VIP box. From there, he waited for the rest of his classmates to do the same. After the graduating classmates had reiterated their dedication to the defence of the Spanish state, it was the turn of the widows and children of their deceased classmates. This was followed by the speeches.

The director of the academy, Manuel Pérez López, received a commemorative plaque. After his speech, those present paid tribute to the fallen. The event ended with a parade.

Princess Leonor was there

Among the crowd that followed the ceremony from the parade ground was the Princess of Asturias, Leonor. She stood next to her colleagues and wore her own military uniform, which she also wore when she was sworn in. The uniform dates back to the end of the 19th century and consists of red trousers combined with a dark blue coat with gold buttons and a headpiece. Princess Leonor started her training at the military academy in Zaragoza in 2023.

After the ceremony, Letizia, the princess and Felipe VI took several photos of themselves. They shared it on the royal family’s social networks.

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