Spain remains top summer destination for British tourists

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destination for british tourists

Despite economic uncertainties and the rising trend of staycations in the UK, according to a recent report by Turespaña, Spain continues to hold its position as the most sought-after summer vacation destination among British tourists.

The Summer Trends report from Turespaña highlights Spain’s consistent high scores in consideration, travel intent, and satisfaction indices, surpassing last year’s figures. Spain notably leads its main competitors, with travel intent figures 7% higher than Italy and Greece, and significantly outpacing Portugal and France.

Canary Islands lead the charge

Throughout 2023, British travel to Spain did not surpass the pre-pandemic levels of 2019, but significant growth was recorded towards the end of the year and into early 2024. This surge in travel is particularly noticeable in the Canary Islands, which have seen an increase in British tourists drawn by the promise of sun and beaches. Despite a cautious economic outlook, Turespaña remains moderately optimistic about continued growth in tourism, although acknowledging the delicate financial situation that might limit British spending power.

Rise in air travel capacity

Airlines are showing confidence in the British market’s demand for Spanish destinations by increasing the number of available seats on flights between Spain and the UK by 8.5% for the current peak season. This expansion is nearly triple the seat increase offered by Spain’s main competitors. Additionally, air capacity to other destinations like Turkey has also seen a substantial rise, growing by 19.1%, as some tour operators are betting on these regions recovering from past conflicts and economic depreciation.

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Staycations gaining momentum again

Despite the allure of Spanish vacations, the economic strain is expected to rejuvenate the trend of staycations within the UK, which gained significant traction from 2020 to 2022. Projections for domestic tourism spending in 2024 suggest a resurgence of this trend as Britons might choose to stay closer to home due to financial constraints.

Google searches indicate strong interest

Google search data continues to reflect a strong interest among Britons in traveling to Spain, with significant increases in searches for accommodations and flights compared to other destinations. This demonstrates the ongoing dominance of Spain in the preferences of British holidaymakers.

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