Mijas residents in disarray as new mayor takes over

by Lorraine Williamson
new mayor of Mijas

MALAGA – In a shocking turn of events, Mijas, a city historically known for its stable political climate, finds itself in disarray as a new mayor is set to take office.

According to Mijas Ayuntamiento, the local government has expressed deep regret and disappointment as the People’s Party (PP), in alliance with VOX and independent councilor Juan Carlos Maldonado, orchestrated a motion of censure to dethrone the incumbent mayor, Josele González, and appoint Ana Mata, a councillor from Fuengirola, as the new mayor of Mijas.

Ana Mata – new mayor?

This unprecedented move has raised widespread concerns among Mijas residents, who feel their democratic choices have been undermined. The motion of censure was signed by PP, VOX, and Maldonado. Furthermore, it marks the first time in Mijas’ history that a change in leadership has occurred through such means. The motion has bypassed the decision made by the citizens at the polls.

Moreover, the local government has decried the clandestine nature of the alliance. It described it as a backdoor maneuver that contradicts the will of the people expressed in the May 28 elections. During the last four years, the current administration, led by the Socialist Party (PSOE) and Citizens (Cs), successfully implemented significant infrastructural projects, earning accolades such as the first prize for Local Governance from the Andalucian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP) for their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic through the Orea Plan.

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Debt free status in Mijas

Mijas, the third-largest city in the province of Málaga, has thrived under the present administration. Moreover, it has achieved economic stability and implemented crucial projects without burdening its citizens with increased taxes. The city boasts a debt-free status and savings of €121 million. This is a testament to the responsible fiscal policies that transformed Mijas into an economic beacon and one of Spain’s municipalities with the lowest local taxes.

Progress made by the outgoing mayor

The outgoing mayor, Josele González won the recent municipal elections. However, he now faces an abrupt end to his term despite the notable progress made during his tenure. The developments have left many residents questioning the motives behind this political upheaval, demanding transparency from their elected representatives.

Consequently, the people of Mijas now anxiously await the outcome of the upcoming municipal session on November 2. At this time, the controversial motion of censure will be put to vote. The city’s future hangs in the balance as residents brace themselves for an uncertain political landscape, hoping for clarity and a return to democratic norms in the days to come.

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