Drinking water in area of Costa del Sol declared unfit for consumption

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The drinking water in the El Chaparral residential area, located between the cities of Marbella and Mijas, is no longer suitable for consumption. This affects approximately 5,000 residents of this area.

The Junta de Andalucía announced this through its health department. According to the newspaper Málaga Hoy, the official announcement from the regional government of Andalucia indicates that increased levels of trihalomethanes have been found in the water. These chemical compounds can pose health risks with long-term exposure. Therefore, the authority appointed the company responsible for the water supply in this area, Aquavega S.L. directed to take immediate corrective action to restore water quality.

Information obligation

In the meantime, Aquavega S.L. inform residents about the unsuitability of tap water for direct consumption and food preparation. People may use the water for personal hygiene and household cleaning. Furthermore, the company is obliged to arrange an alternative water supply for the affected population. If you choose to supply water via mobile water tanks, a specific permit must be applied for.

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Bottled water

On Friday, Aquavega S.L. have not yet received an official notification from the Ministry of Health in which the inspectors declare that the water is unfit for consumption. Nevertheless, they ensure the residents’ water supply by offering mineral water in large bottles. The company indicates that it is willing to continue supplying mineral water until the water quality meets the required standards for three consecutive tests.


The restriction on the use of drinking water remains in force until Aquavega S.L. has submitted and implemented an effective correction plan. The concentration of trihalomethanes must be reduced to below the legally established standards. Health authorities will review the situation after three consecutive water analyses meet the standards.

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