Tap water in part of Nerja “not suitable for human consumption”

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NERJA – The water distributed in the Maro supply area in the municipality of Nerja (Malaga) has been declared “not fit for human consumption” due to higher levels of natural radioactivity in the groundwater.

The water cannot be used for drinking or food preparation, but it is safe for household cleaning and personal hygiene. The water in the rest of the municipality is safe to consume. The high value of this parameter is due to the nature of the terrain and the evolution of the aquifer itself due to the prolonged drought. This is evident from the municipality’s monthly report.

Bottled water

Because the municipality is responsible for the water supply, they extensively analyse natural radioactivity levels every month. If necessary, they should provide an alternative water supply for human consumption. They may use mobile tanks for water supply, but must have permission to do so. Meanwhile, the approximately 800 residents of the part where the water is bad are being supplied with bottled water.


The lifting of the ban on drinking the water will depend on the measures taken by the water operator Aguas de Narixa to minimise the indicative dose below the parameter value. In addition, the company must conduct at least three consecutive analyses within three months.

Investment of €600,000 to solve problems

The Nerja municipal council has now announced that it will now invest approximately €600,000 in emergency work to provide Maro with drinking water as quickly as possible.

The work involves connecting Nerja’s water network to that of Maro. The first phase has already been completed, but due to the non-potable water situation in Maro, the next phases of the project are being accelerated with an emergency declaration. It is expected that the water from Nerja will reach Maro within a relatively short time. In addition, a new pipeline will be constructed to supply water to urban areas and developments in Maro.

Other projects against the consequences of drought

In addition to this work, the municipal government is also carrying out other projects to mitigate the effects of drought. This includes connecting residential and industrial areas to the municipal water supply network. These measures will guarantee the water supply of various neighborhoods and sectors.

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