Thousands of PSOE supporters take to the streets to ask Sánchez to stay on

by Lorraine Williamson
PSOE supporters

Supporters of the socialist party PSOE flocked to the party office on Calle Ferraz in Madrid on Saturday morning to show their support for Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. They asked him to stay on.

The PSOE summit met at the party office on Saturday. Deputy Prime Minister Montero asked Sánchez, who has been prime minister of Spain since 2018, to stay on after announcing on Wednesday that he would withdraw for a few days. To be able to think about whether he wants to remain prime minister.

An estimated 12,500 party members and supporters took part in the demonstration outside. They had come to the capital by bus from all over Spain. They did not even let the rain stop them with the first demonstrators already there at 9.00 am.

Stay, Pedro, don’t give up

The organisation handed out Spanish and PSOE flags as well as badges to the protesters with the slogan “Quédate, #PedroNoTeRindas” (Stay, #PedroGeefNietOp).

Some of the demonstrators wore T-shirts with the slogan ‘Claro que vale la pena, quédate’ (Of course it’s worth it, stay). There were also flags of autonomous communities such as Castilla y León, Asturias, the Basque Country and Extremadura.

Meeting: PSOE by screen to follow

A screen had been placed at the door of the PSOE headquarters. This allowed the attendees to follow the meeting. It was public for the first time. And that is remarkable, because these debates are usually private, without cameras and without access to the room for journalists. Other spectators, however, preferred to follow the speeches on their mobile phones. There was applause in the streets after the speeches of the socialist officials.

Cogesa Expats

Occasionally, there was outrage over “law-breaking” against the head of the executive branch. But in general, there was also a sense of pride that the socialist rank and file are finally taking to the streets to defend the government. A response to the protests that have taken place in Ferraz against the PSOE and its pacts with the pro-independence supporters.

Peaceful gathering of PSOE supporters

Although the rally took place in a peaceful and festive atmosphere, the supporters also showed that they had had enough of what they called attacks on the coalition government. “Enough is enough,” they repeated, among other things. Around noon, people of all ages continued to flock to show their support for the chairman of the government.

After 12.15 pm, the socialist government ministers, including Maria Montero, and other leaders of the PSOE also took to the streets to applaud and thank them for their support.

Applicable music

At that moment, music began to play through the loudspeakers that the PSOE had placed in the street. With songs such as ‘Pedro’, by the Italian Rafaella Carrà; ‘Quédate’ by Quevedo; or ‘Perra’, by Rigoberta Bandini; all addressed to the Prime Minister. Later, ‘Para la libertad’ by Joan Manuel Serrat and ‘Papá cuéntame otra vez’ by Ismael Serrano were also played. In addition, Resistiré’ by Dúo Dinámico was played.

Before 1.00 pm, the first PSOE supporters began to leave the street in the centre of Madrid, although a large group of people continued while the music continued to play. Some decided to go home, others to the surrounding bars and restaurants.

Demonstration against Sánchez

Dozens of people later gather in Ferraz to protest against Pedro Sánchez and demand his resignation, shouting “because of this left wing, Spain is going to hell”.

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