Mud rain, cold and storms approach Spanish mainland

by Lorraine Williamson
mud rain

It seemed more like May than March the past few days in Spain. With unusually high temperatures of up to 30 degrees, the weather was spring-like. But the situation is going to change with the arrival of a DANA on Wednesday. The front will bring cold, storm and even ‘mud rain‘ in different areas of Spain.

Tuesday will first be a transition day. Temperatures are starting to drop, especially in the southeast and coastal areas. In addition, thunderstorms and showers occur in the north, in Catalonia and especially in mountain areas. In the west of the peninsula, around the Portuguese coast, a DANA is formed. It is slowly moving eastwards.

Rain in the north

This front will therefore enter the peninsula from Wednesday. Rain is expected in almost all of northern Spain, especially heavy in Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León. Some models predict up to 100 litres per square metre in a number of northern regions.

In addition, there may also be showers in the interior and in some parts of Extremadura and Andalucia.

Mud rain

The DANA could lead to what are known as mud rain or “blood showers.” This type of precipitation brings dust from the Sahara. In the Canary Islands, this phenomenon is disappearing again. However, there may be light showers during the day on several islands.

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The DANA will leave the peninsula on Thursday

From Thursday, the DANA will move to the south, which is expected to reduce the rain in the north and become more intense in Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and in the west of Andalucia. Thus, the epicentre of this phenomenon will move to the Canary Islands, so more intense rainfall is expected on the islands on Thursday. There is even a chance of snowfall as far as the highlands of Tenerife and La Palma.

The passage of this front towards Africa will cause temperatures on the peninsula to rise again from Thursday and especially Friday. Warm air is also coming to the peninsula. For example, the thermometers will again show 28-30 degrees in large parts of the south-eastern peninsula. although the desert dust will remain for a while.

Cold on the eve of Easter week

For this weekend, with Easter already in sight, there is still a lot of uncertainty. The meteorological models predict that a mass of polar air may be coming. The result is a new drop in temperature. This will happen from Saturday, although everything indicates that this drop will be stronger in the north than in the south.

In addition, precipitation could again fall in the Cantabrian region and the Pyrenees, in the form of snow at higher altitudes, especially on Sunday. Showers will also continue to fall in the Canary Islands, possibly in the form of thunderstorms.

Forecast for Semana Santa still uncertain

The scenarios for next week are still very uncertain. The polar jet that surrounds the peninsula, that is, the airflow that affects the formation of squalls and anticyclones, shows large wave movements. Therefore, any situation is possible. Low pressure is expected to continue to surround our country, so new fronts such as a new DANA may emerge in the run-up to Easter.

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