The best supermarket beer in Spain costs much less than 1 euro

by Lorraine Williamson
best beer

Beer is very popular in Spain. Whether it’s at a social gathering or just because it’s enjoyed, it’s in high demand. That is why the Spanish consumer organisation has carried out a survey in supermarkets. A topic that will be of interest to many people!

The OCU has selected beer from a variety of stores. In this way, it wants to find out what is the best on sale right now. To do this, it has taken a sample of those for sale in our country. The aim of the research is to find the best value for money. Consumers are still looking at where they can make savings.

No serious failing grades

The OCU has released its assessment of the beer available in our supermarkets. If there’s one positive thing to highlight, it’s that no beer scores lower than 50/100.

The worst-rated received a score of 60 points. This is Cruzcampo Pilsen that is sold for €0.72. Heineken, which received 67 points, is also in the lower regions. But at the bottom of the OCU reviews there are also other well-known beers. These are the Steingburg of Mercadona, Cerveza Alhambra and Saerbrau, sold by Carrefour. Their ratings are lower than expected.

The OCU emphasises these beers in its research

There are three beers that make the OCU tower over the rest. However, one of them is without a doubt the most recommended by the organisation. And it has the best value for money of all the beers examined.

Cogesa Expats

Cheapest beer

In this section, the OCU highlights Karlsquell beer. This beer is available at Aldi supermarkets and costs just €0.29 per can. It is the cheapest option among all the options examined.

Best quality beer

In this case, the Xibeca beer wins the prize for the best quality beer. The OCU has given it 80 points for that reason. But the price is at €0.62, which is a bit higher than many other beers.

Beer with the best value for money

But if there was one thing the OCU was looking for, it was the beer with the best value for money. In this case, it is Aurum beer that is sold in Eroski. It stands out with a rating of 70 points. And the price? This beer costs €0.30.

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