Spanish beer brand Cruzcampo conquers British markets

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MADRID – Spanish beer enthusiasts have reason to celebrate: Cruzcampo, a prominent Spanish beer brand and part of the Heineken group, is conquering the United Kingdom.

In just five months, Cruzcampo has secured a spot in over 5,000 British bars. But the expansion doesn’t stop there; sales will soon extend to the retail sector, with the brand also becoming available in Tesco stores.

Strategic export to the UK

This export strategy of Cruzcampo to the UK is not a stroke of luck. Matt Saltzstein, Brand Unit Director of Heineken in the UK, explains that there was a clear demand: “Tourists returning from Spain, especially from Andalucia, asked us on social media where they could find this beer in the UK.”

Andalucia as the key to success

A significant factor in Cruzcampo’s success is Andalucia’s popularity among British tourists. According to data from the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), 2.4 million Brits visited this region. In addition, about 81,000 British expats live in Andalucia, strengthening the bond between the region and the UK.

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Large-scale marketing campaign

Cruzcampo’s expansion is partly due to a large-scale marketing campaign, spread through television and social media, that has reached the British audience. This campaign has successfully positioned the brand in the UK market.

Decoration in pubs inspired by Andalucia

Another important element of Cruzcampo’s success is the way the brand presents itself in British pubs. The decoration is inspired by Andalucia, with typical regional signs, tableware, and glassware. Saltzstein states that he is “delighted” to introduce a beer with more than 100 years of history to the UK.

About Cruzcampo

Cruzcampo was founded in 1904 by the Osborne Guezala brothers in Seville. The beer has become a symbol of Spanish beer tradition, particularly cherished in Andalucia. Part of the Heineken family, this brand is renowned for its deep roots in local culture, often being the highlight of festivals in its home region. The brand stands out for its diverse range, from classic lagers to contemporary craft varieties, appealing to a broad audience. Emphasising sustainability, Cruzcampo aligns with modern values, blending its rich Spanish legacy with a forward-thinking approach. 

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