Cruzcampo bring Lola Flores back to life in new ad

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Cruzcampo ad with lola Flores

SEVILLE: Spanish beer company Cruzcampo uses AI to resurrect legendary singer Lola Flores for its latest advertising campaign.

Lola Flores was an icon of traditional Andalusian folklore. Famous not only in her native Spain, she died in 1995. However, 25 years later Cruzcampo has brought her back to life using ‘deepfake’ for their latest campaign.

In “Con Mucho Acento,” Cruzcampo celebrates the Spanish language’s diversity, particularly accents. “Do you know why I was understood all over the world? Because of my accent,” says the recreated Flores in the video. “And I’m not just referring to the way I talk.”

The production team used over 5,000 photos, many hours of audiovisual material and incredible post-production to create the ad.

If you are local to Malaga, you will probably be able to spot many of the city’s spaces in the advertisement.

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Flores’s family were consulted, and her daughters Rosario and Lolita personally involved in the project.

History of Cruzcampo

Brothers Tomás and Roberto Osborne Guezala, both natives of  El Puerto de Santa María  ( Cádiz  province ), were wine enthusiasts. They travelled through Germany and Benelux and learned the beer making process. 

Upon their return, they created a beer company in Andalucia. This was despite the popularity of wine in the region. They chose Seville and built their factory near a cross known as the Cruz del Campo. The company started producing beer in 1904.

In 2004, the Sevillian factory employed 700 people.

The company is now part of Heineken Spain.

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