Beer in Spain remains relatively cheap

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beer in Spain

Beer is one of the most consumed drinks in Europe. Spaniards like it too. Although Spain is in 9th place in Europe with 54 litres per person of countries with the largest beer drinkers. However, this is not be due to the price of beer. It is lower in Spain than in other holiday countries such as France, Italy and Greece.

In European restaurants a beer costs an average of €3.87 per half litre (domestic beer). Norway is the most expensive country to drink beer with a price of €8.50. On the other hand, you don’t have to be shocked by the price of beer in Portugal: half a litre of beer costs an average of €2.50 there. The research was carried out by FerryGoGo. They looked at the price of a beer because it is often a good predictor of the price of the catering industry in general in a country. So if you want to go on holiday cheaply, this can be a good indicator.

Cheapest beer 95 cents

Based on figures from Numbeo, 35 European countries were examined. FerryGoGo’s analysis shows, among other things, the average beer price of €3.87 for half a litre in a restaurant in Europe. In addition to Norway (€8.50), Switzerland (€7.24) and Finland (€7) are also outliers where you have to pay quite a bit for a large beer. The cheapest countries in terms of beer prices are not the most popular holiday destinations. These are Bosnia Herzegovina and Ukraine with €1.79, €1.53 and 95 cents respectively. In Spain, half a litre of beer costs an average of €2.80. This puts the country in 22nd place out of 34. In Great Britain you pay slightly less than double at €5.26 and Ireland does worse with €6.00 per half litre of beer.

Other beer facts

And which beer do Spaniards prefer to order? Another study shows that Estrella Galicia is the most consumed drink in general, so it is not specified whether this is at home or out. Mahou follows next. Beer expert Jorge Heleno also prefers the beer from Galicia for its light body, medium-low sweetness and lingering bitterness. He finds the beer slightly more robust than Mahou.

Cogesa Expats

Another study found that Madrid is the best European city for beer drinking out of 70 surveyed. The conclusion was made based on parameters such as the characteristics of the bars in the city, the quality and price of the beers and the impact that the city has on social networks. Valencia came 6th on this list.

94% of beer consumption outside the home in Spain takes place in a social context, making it the most consumed cold drink in the catering industry. In fact, it can make up between 25% and 40% of bar sales, especially in smaller bars. According to ministry data, almost 13% of beer consumed by Spaniards was alcohol-free in 2022, an increase of 11% compared to the previous year.

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