Chance of mud or blood rains (calima) this weekend in Andalucia

by Lorraine Williamson
blood rains

A warm mass will send thermometers soaring from Friday, when the arrival of suspended solids is expected to spread from west to east across the region over Saturday.

Storm Nelson has only just left Spain, temperatures have already risen again after the cold and wet Easter weekend. Andalucia is preparing for a surge in temperatures at the weekend. In many places it will be almost 30 degrees. But the warm air is expected to be accompanied by the entry of airborne dust into the region. That means there is a chance that mud or blood rains will reach Andalucia.

“That chance does exist, we are going to see if there is rain with mud deposits,” warns expert José Luis Escudero, author of the blog ‘Tormentas y rayos’.

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Mud or blood rains

Weather service forecasts “cloudy skies with high clouds and dust in suspension” for Friday. In the course of the afternoon, this will reach the western half of the community”. The mercury will also begin to rise, especially in the Guadalquivir Valley. Moderate winds are expected in the area of the Strait of Gibraltar. Very strong gusts of wind are not excluded, Aemet reports on its website. There is also a chance of rain. “The arrival of a shower will bring rain on Saturday and Sunday in the province of Huelva, as well as in the north of Cordoba and Seville. These could be showers with mud or blood rains,” says Aemet’s deputy in Andalucia, Juan de Dios del Pino.

Low pressure areas and high temperatures

“In the second half of the week, cold air will move to the west of the peninsula, with several low-pressure areas at the surface. These showers will favour the rise of a very warm air mass, which is abnormal for this time of year. Temperatures are reaching more than 30 degrees in different regions,” said Samuel Biener, a researcher at Meteored.

Chance of calima

According to his prediction, calima can also be seen. “We will have to pay attention to another phenomenon: suspended dust. With the strong southerly circulation predicted by our reference model, a tongue of dust particles will rise from Morocco on Thursday that will first hit the eastern Canary Islands and then be clearly noticeable on the mainland on Friday,” he warns. And he adds: “At the moment, it is not excluded that mud or blood rains will develop in Spain”.

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