Sagrada Familia remains in scaffolding until 2034

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Sagrada Familia

The construction of the architectural jewel by Antonio Gaudí began in 1882. By now, the Sagrada Familia has become one of the most visited attractions in Spain. However, despite earlier predictions, the iconic basilica of Barcelona will remain in scaffolding until at least 2034.

Esteve Camps, the chairman of the construction committee of the Sagrada Familia Foundation, has expressed the hope to complete the constructive part, the verticality, within ten years. However, this depends on negotiations and permits from the government. The completion of the decoration could even take longer.

Anniversary of Gaudí

The construction committee has set itself the goal to complete the Capella de l’Assumpta in 2025 and the Tower of Jesus in 2026. These deadlines are achievable thanks to the already obtained permits and materials. The official opening of both parts is planned for 2026, in honour of the 100th death anniversary of Gaudí.

Focus on the Glòria Façade

After the completion of the work on the side of Provença street, all attention will be directed to the Glòria façade. This is the largest and most controversial part of the project due to the possible impact on surrounding homes. The construction committee is determined to follow Gaudí’s original plans. Therefore, they also want to build the planned stairs on Mallorca street, although the construction of these could require expropriations of homes.

Cogesa Expats

Pandemic recovery

Camps also reported a steady increase in the number of visitors after the pandemic. In 2023, the tourist attraction welcomed almost the same number of visitors as in 2019. Especially the return of Asian tourists, particularly from South Korea, has contributed to this growth. The Sagrada Familia closed 2023 with a revenue of €126.9 million, of which 52% was spent on construction.

Educational program

Finally, Camps emphasised the commitment of the Sagrada Familia to come closer to the citizens. They aim to do this with a program of cultural, social, and educational activities. In 2023, 24,000 citizens enjoyed open days and international events. Among them a concert by the Berliner Philharmoniker and the exhibition “Gaudí and the Sagrada Familia”, which attracted more than half a million visitors.

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