MiDGT App’s latest feature lets you check theory test results instantly

by Lorraine Williamson
MiDGT driving test app

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has announced a update to its MiDGT mobile application. This will enable users to access their theoretical driving exam results with unprecedented speed and convenience.

Effective immediately, candidates can view their exam scores just an hour after completing the test. Thereby eliminating the previous wait time of up to 18 hours.

This innovative feature is a part of DGT’s ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility and efficiency in driver services. Launched in March 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and temporary suspension of in-person services at traffic offices, MiDGT has steadily evolved into a comprehensive platform catering to diverse driver needs.

Exam results

Prior to this update, candidates could only check their pass or fail status via the DGT website. However, this meant enduring hours of uncertainty until the results were uploaded. With the integration of real-time score access into the app, candidates can now significantly reduce their wait time.

Moreover, once practical tests are successfully completed, students can also obtain a provisional driving permit directly on their mobile devices. Consequently, this streamlines the process between DGT and driving schools. Therefore, this advancement not only saves time but also aligns with modern trends towards digitalization and mobile-centric services.

Furthermore, upon issuance of the definitive permit, app users will have access to a digital driving license on their smartphones. This holds the same validity as its physical counterpart within Spain’s borders.

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MiDGT App password system

To utilise this feature and access MiDGT’s array of services, users must register with the cl@ve system, ensuring secure electronic interaction with governmental entities. To simplify this process, DGT has successfully concluded a pilot project enabling cl@ve registration at the time of the theoretical driving exam.

The implementation of this pilot project in traffic offices in Bilbao and Zaragoza has seen over 1,000 citizens successfully registered within approximately two months. However, now this service has been extended to traffic offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Sevilla, Valencia, A Coruña, Las Palmas, and Oviedo, with gradual rollout across other provinces.

DGT services

Since its inception, MiDGT has continuously expanded its functionality, offering a myriad of services such as digital driving permits, vehicle registration documents, points balance inquiries, contact information updates, and more. The app serves as a one-stop destination for driver-related tasks, providing convenience, accessibility, and real-time updates to users nationwide.

In addition to its core features, MiDGT offers a range of services including appointment scheduling, vehicle reports, penalty notifications, driver identification for infractions, official document verification, communication of habitual drivers, temporary vehicle deregistration, and geolocation of nearby services like inspection centers, driver recognition centres, driving schools, and authorised vehicle treatment centres.

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