533 cases of gender-based violence per day in Spain in 2023

by Lorraine Williamson
gender-based violence

A total of 194,658 women were victims of gender-based violence in 2023. This is 10% more than in 2022 (176,483), according to the Spanish Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). Specifically, it concerns 533 cases per day, and in 65.22% of the cases it concerns Spaniards.

In total, there were 199,282 reports, 546 per day. An increase of 9.46% compared to 2022 (182,065). In seven out of ten cases, the victim made the report directly, both at the police station and in court. This figure is much higher than the number of complaints filed by the victim’s environment. This is barely 1.82% of the total. 15.89% of the complaints came directly from police reports, 7.94% from injury reports. Finally, in 3.43% of the cases, third parties filed the declaration.

Figures by autonomous community

The number of victims of gender-based violence per 10,000 women was 79.4 in Spain, representing 6.5% more cases than in 2022. Above the national average were the Balearic Islands, with a ratio of 124.8; Murcia, with 114.5; Valencia, with 106.5; the Canary Islands, with 102.1; Andalucia and Navarre, with 88.8; and Madrid, with 80.9.

The lowest rate of gender violence was recorded in Castilla y León, with 52.5 victims per 10,000 women. Galicia follows with 53.1. Then it rises again in the Basque Country, with 56.8, La Rioja, with 58.9; Catalonia, with 61.5; Castilla-La Mancha, with 62, Asturias, with 65.3; Aragon, with 72.8; Cantabria, with 76.7, and Extremadura, with 77.

Exemption from the statutory obligation to declare

The report also states that the percentage of female victims who made use of the exemption from the statutory reporting obligation increased by 15.38% compared to 2022. In 2023, a total of 50,806 protection orders were requested from the judicial authorities. Of these, 35,551 were allocated, 8.24% more than in 2022. In addition, 15,067 were refused, 5.6% more than the year before.

Of the total number of protection orders issued by the judicial authorities, 29,177 were issued by the courts for violence against women, which granted 68.7% of the requests they received; The remaining 6,374 (77% of the requests) corresponded to the courts of duty.

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Despite violence, partner relationships often persisted

In 46.3% of cases, the partner relationship continued at the time the protection order was requested. This percentage was slightly lower than in 2022 (48.4%). Two out of three women (64.8%) who asked for protection were Hispanic. 2.1% of the total (Spanish and foreign) were minors. In both cases, the percentages are similar to those of 2022.

A total of 64,914 penal measures to protect victims (women and minors) were approved. In the criminal field, 67.37% of the cases were restrained and 65.25% (24 270) were banned from communicating.

The most common civil measure was related to the provision of maintenance (6,471). This was followed by the allocation of accommodation (4,550), the suspension of visitation arrangements (4,026), and the suspension of guardianship and guardianship (2,411).

Convictions for gender-based violence

The conviction rate in gender-based violence cases increased by more than three points compared to 2022, reaching 80.64% of the total. In 2023, a total of 60,172 judgments were handed down. Of these, 48,525 were convictions and 11,647 (19.36%) were acquittals.

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