Summer of violence against women in Spain: 15 deaths in two months

by Lorraine Williamson
violence against women

MADRID – After a dark summer of violence against women, the Ministry of Equality in Spain has convened a crisis committee for the second time this season. The reason? In August alone, seven women were killed. 

This brings the total for this year to 40 murders, and 1,224 since the start of the count in 2003. Therefore, the urgency is high. Consequently, the committee will meet on Monday to review the recent cases of femicide. If the two murders that took place this weekend are confirmed — one in Seville and one in Villanueva del Arzobispo (Jaén) — the total number of murders of women in 2023 would rise to a shocking 42. 

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The last two cases 

The lifeless bodies of a man and a woman were found in a home in Villanueva del Arzobispo, both with gunshot wounds. The woman was not registered in the VioGen gender violence risk system. The first indications suggest that this is a case of intimate partner violence. A man has been arrested in Seville for allegedly killing his suspected ex-partner. 

Second crisis committee: Summer brings extra risks 

This is already the second crisis committee of this summer. In July, eight women were also murdered by their (ex) partners. These figures confirm what experts have been saying for some time: the summer and holiday periods are times of increased risk due to increased living together. 

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Multidisciplinary approach required 

The committee, which will meet on Monday at 10.00 am, will consist of representatives of various autonomous communities, the Ministry of Justice and the Public Prosecution Service. Furthermore, joint solutions will be sought to stop this wave of violence. 

Past actions and plans 

However, this crisis committee is not new. It was created in July 2022 and meets when there are five or more murders in a given period, or when there are cases of ‘special interest’. This is now the fourth time that the committee has become active. 

Auxiliary channels are open and available 

If you are a witness or victim of gender violence, there are multiple channels available for help. The 016 number is available 24/7 and offers support in 52 different languages. WhatsApp help is available at (+34) 600 000 016 and young people can contact the ANAR Foundation at (+34) 900 20 20 10. 

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