Registering your mobile phone with Social Security

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Registering your mobile phone with social security

A common complaint is the ability to process any official paperwork other than in person. Now, you can register your mobile phone with Social Security so you can make changes via SMS.

As part of the process to offer more online procedures, Social Security currently allows up to 58 different procedures via SMS, a method that can replace others such as the digital certificate or Cl@ve PIN.

In order to do so, you need to register your mobile phone with Social Security. It is a system similar to that used by banks in some Internet operations. According to Social Security, it “bases the security of the user’s identification on the user’s knowledge of a series of personal data and on the possession of the mobile device”.

How to register mobile phone number

There are different ways to register the phone number in the Social Security database. The first of them is the ‘We Help You’ platform, which makes the form available to citizens. Fill out the form with your personal data, and provide proof of possession of the mobile and the province in which it is resides. When filling in the information, you must select the category ‘Citizen / Worker’ and then ‘Communication and data variation / Address’.

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If you have a digital certificate or Cl@ve PIN, you can also opt for the ‘Telephone and email exchange and communication’ service available at this Social Security link, which gives the option of registering a mobile phone for the first time.

In addition, you have the opportunity to get the TA.1 form to register the mobile phone. In this model (available at this link) you must enter personal data and the reason for the communication, which will be the registration of the phone number.

With the model already completed, you must upload it to this data change request form. This  in turn must be filled in with the pertinent personal data, indicating the category of the procedure (‘Citizen / Worker’) and the reason for the procedure (‘ Communication and variation of contact data / Address’). When you have everything completed, you can submit it.

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