How to get your digital certificate

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How to get your digital certificate in Spain

The Digital Certificate or Certificado Digital in Spanish, is an electronic ID that allows the user to manage a wide range of administrative processes from their own devices. Find out how to get your digital certificate.

In order to apply for a Digital Certificate you need an NIE first.

The Digital Certificate is necessary if you wish to register as Autónomo (self-employed). You can complete other elements of the Spanish tax and ID systems without it, but it is much easier with one.  

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How to get the Digital Certificate?

There are four key steps to follow to obtain your digital certificate.

Step 1

  • Visit the sede website, and start the process for a personal certificate (for a legal person, not a business or representative). You’ll need to enter your name and enter your NIE number.

Step 2

  • You will have to download the adequate version of the software depending on what system you are using (Windows, MacOS or Linux). After downloading the software, you will have to follow the installation process. Once installed, the software will automatically activate when you reach the designated step on your request at the FNMT website.
    • Click on the link “SOLICITAR EL CERTIFICADO” 
    • After clicking, a new page will open showing a form asking for your details. You need to fill in the following personal information:
      • Nº del documento de identificación: your NIE.
      • Primer Apellido: your first surname.
      • Correo electrónico: an active email you wish to use for this process.
    • After filling in your information, DO NOT PRESS “ENVIAR PETICIÓN”. Instead, press the link “Pulse aquí para consultar y aceptar las condiciones de expedición del certificado”. You will see the terms of use and privacy policy of your Digital Certificate.
    • Accept the privacy policy by clicking their designated link. Then select “Enviar petición” to send your application. You will see a pop-up on the top of your screen, which is the software you previously installed. Select “Abrir”.
    • Another pop-up will appear on your screen, requiring you to write down a password for your Digital Certificate. Write down a password you are sure you will remember. Then press “Aceptar”.
    • You will receive an email with a 9-digit confirmation number. With this number, make an appointment at your local social security office.

Step 3

  • At the appointed time, attend in person with your residency card, passport, and confirmation information from the previous step. The officers will verify your identity and then activate your certificate. They send the certificate to you via email.

Step 4

  • Install on your computer or mobile device. This step essentially links your physical identification to your digital one.

Afterwards, you can download your certificate and install it on your computer. This allows websites to verify your identify.

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