Charges against Spanish Prime Minister’s wife based on uncertain media reports

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media reports about the wife of Pedro Sanchez

The far-right group Manos Limpias has admitted that their indictment against Begoña Gómez, the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, is based solely on media reports that may be true or false.

The allegations come from various digital media outlets that suggested possible criminal irregularities. According to Miguel Bernad, the secretary general of Manos Limpias, the group has not committed any false acts in their proceedings, as the indictment is purely based on these reports.

Juridical procedure

Now that charges have been filed, the responsibility lies with the investigating judge. He or she will then determine whether or not the media reports used are true. If it turns out that the information is incorrect, the relevant media will have to bear the consequences. However, if the information is correct, the legal process will continue.

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Response from Prime Minister Sánchez

In response to Manos Limpias’ accusation, Pedro Sánchez announced in a statement on X on Wednesday he is considering resigning. On Monday he will announce his decision to stay or resign from his position as head of government. Sánchez also announced in the message that he will be stepping back from his duties for a number of days. In response to an open letter from Sánchez, Manos Limpias describes the Prime Minister’s statements as unacceptable. Furthermore, Manos Limpias accuses the prime minister of framing the group as part of a right-wing campaign against him.

Background by Manos Limpias

Manos Limpias was founded in 1995 by a former National Front candidate to serve the interests of civil servants employed by Spanish government institutions. In its own words, the institution fights against corruption. The organisation is known for its tactics of filing charges in media-sensitive cases and acts as a prosecutor in various lawsuits. A major case in which Manos Limpias was the sole prosecutor was against the former husband of Infanta Cristina, the daughter of then King Juan Carlos. Iñaki Urdangarín went to prison for years.

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