Rubiales arrested after arriving at Madrid airport

by Lorraine Williamson
Rubiales arrested in Madrid

Luis Rubiales, the former president of the Spanish Football Federation RFEF has brought forward his return to Spain, which was scheduled for April 6. He arrived in Madrid on Wednesday morning (a little before 11.00 am) on a commercial flight. There Rubiales was immediately arrested by the Guardia Civil.

Rubiales was in the Caribbean country for “work-related reasons,” as he stated on March 21. The investigation into Luis Rubiales is ongoing for alleged multimillion-dollar contract fraud with the RFEF.  Upon his arrival at the airport in Madrid, agents of the Central Operational Unit (UCO)  of the Guardia Civil boarded the plane and then Rubiales, accompanied by police officers, left the airport in a black vehicle.

He has now been arrested for a 2019 deal. At the time, it is alleged he sold matches in the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia for €44 million as president of the Spanish Football Federation. He strongly denies all allegations. The former leader was also discredited when he kissed a player after the Women’s World Cup last summer without consent. For this, 2.5 years in prison was demanded against him.

Cogesa Expats

The former leader is awaiting the order from the judge in Majadahonda. He is investigating the former chairman of the RFEF for alleged irregularities with RFEF contracts.

House search in Punta Cana

On Monday, a search was carried out at a residence in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, by order of the judge. Luis Rubiales’ mobile phone and tablet were confiscated. The operation of the Guardia Civil for possible corruption in the RFEF is investigating alleged irregularities in the contracts for playing the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia. In addition, other possible violations are under investigation.

Luis Rubiales denies

Rubiales denies in a preview of an interview that he has received “kickbacks”. The interview will be broadcast on La Sexta’s ‘El Objetivo’ on Wednesday. Rubiales assures that the money he has in his accounts “is the product” of his hard work and his “savings”. The claims that the media have made about his money are therefore completely false, says Rubiales.

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