Iñaki Urdangarin, former brother-in-law of the Spanish king, out of jail

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Inaki Urdangarin

Iñaki Urdangarin, the former husband of Princess Cristina of Spain, will officially regain his freedom on Tuesday. He served a prison sentence of five years and ten months for his involvement in the Nóos corruption case.

His sentence will then formally end. Although his criminal record and its consequences will only be erased after five years, provided he does not commit another crime.

Urdangarin was originally sentenced to six years and three months in prison by the Audiencia de Palma for various corruption offences. The Spanish Supreme Court later reduced this sentence by five months. After serving his sentence, Urdangarin still has the task of clearing his criminal record. This is important for his full reintegration into society. This criminal record may limit his ability to obtain certain jobs or perform specific activities.

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Divorce from Princess Cristina

The release comes after a turbulent period in Urdangarin’s life. In January he divorced Princess Cristina after almost 25 years of marriage. Urdangarin, who is also a former professional handball player, has been through various stages of prison regimes in recent years. From complete incarceration to conditional freedom, in the meantime he committed himself to volunteer work and a job outside prison.

In jail since 2018

His time in prison began in June 2018. He was the first direct family member of the Spanish king to go to prison. He was housed in an isolated cell in the women’s prison of Brieva, Ávila. There he received a visit from Princess Cristina. In 2019, Urdangarin was given permission to volunteer. Later, after serving a quarter of his sentence, he enjoyed penitentiary leave.

Prisoner of the second degree

In 2020, he was classified as a second-degree prisoner. That entitled him to 36 days of leave per year. However, the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily interrupted these privileges. In early 2021, he was transferred to an open prison regime in Zaballa, Alava. He only had to spend the night there during the week. He also found a job at a law firm. In March 2022, Urdangarin achieved parole after serving two-thirds of his sentence.

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