Tragic toll: 28 Lives lost on Spanish roads during Easter

by Lorraine Williamson
lives lost during Easter

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has been reported that 28 individuals have tragically lost their lives in 25 traffic accidents during this year’s Easter holiday period. Despite efforts to enhance safety measures, the statistics reveal a somber reality of road safety in Spain.

The period of the Special Easter Operation witnessed a total of 15.4 million long-distance journeys, reflecting a decrease of 5.7% compared to Easter 2023. While the reduction in travel may suggest improved safety conditions, the number of fatalities remains distressingly high.

According to the DGT’s report, there has been a concerning rise in fatalities resulting from frontal, rear-end, and multiple collisions, totaling an increase of three casualties. Conversely, fatalities from road departures have decreased by eight incidents.

Not wearing seatbelts

Shockingly, nine of the deceased were classified as vulnerable road users, including five motorcyclists, three pedestrians, and one cyclist. Among the grim statistics, it’s been highlighted that seven out of the 11 fatalities in cars and vans were not wearing seatbelts, marking the highest proportion in the last decade, except for 2020.

The report extends beyond Easter, shedding light on March’s road safety statistics. Last month, 96 lives were lost in 84 fatal accidents on Spanish roads. This figure marks a tragic increase compared to March 2023, with 17 more fatalities recorded. Despite a 4.9% increase in mobility, with 37.2 million long-distance journeys, the safety of road users remains a critical concern.

Cogesa Expats

Notably, the data reveals a surge in fatalities on highways and expressways, with 16 more deaths than in March of the previous year. Vulnerable groups, such as pedestrians, also experienced a significant rise in casualties, further emphasising the urgency of road safety measures.

The report underscores the importance of safety precautions, as 19 of the fatalities in March were not utilising appropriate safety measures at the time of the accidents. Tragically, the loss of lives extends across various transportation modes, from cars to bicycles, amplifying the need for comprehensive safety awareness.

Andalucia had highest number of fatalities

Geographically, Andalucia stands out as the region with the highest number of fatalities, with an increase compared to the previous year. The data also highlights specific days with elevated risks, such as Tuesday, March 19th, which recorded the highest number of fatalities.

While efforts to improve road safety are ongoing, these distressing statistics serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for continued vigilance and comprehensive measures to protect lives on Spain’s roads. As the DGT emphasises, this information is provisional and subject to change pending further investigation by traffic police accident investigation teams, highlighting the complex nature of road safety analysis.


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