It’s getting cold again in Spain

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The Spanish meteorological service Aemet has issued a warning of a sudden drop in temperatures that will occur at the end of Sunday. After weeks of high temperatures, this comes to an abrupt end.

From this Sunday, the weather will change significantly and become cold in most of Spain. The high temperatures that have persisted so far will make way for significantly lower values. According to Aemet, this change is caused by the combined influences of a high-pressure area northwest of Europe and a low-pressure area in the central and western Mediterranean. This will lead to a sharp drop in temperatures that will start on Sunday and continue into the following days.

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Frost threatens large parts of the country

This sharp temperature drop will be especially noticeable in the interior of the north and northeast of the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands. The general temperature drop will become even more intense from Monday. Minimum temperatures will drop sharply, especially inland. This will lead to frost that will spread over large parts of Castilla y León, the north and east of Castilla-La Mancha, parts of Aragón and the Pyrenees.

Short but powerful cold wave

This period of cold weather will reach its peak in the early hours of Tuesday, April 23. Then temperatures will be “abnormally low for this time of year”. However, this cold wave will not last long. From the second half of Tuesday, the high pressure area is expected to move to the southwest. This will put an end to the influx of very cold northern air. The short episode of frost and snow will then end on Wednesday with a general increase in temperatures.

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