After an early heatwave, new storm and rain in Spain

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early heatwave followed by rain

An unusually early heatwave has gripped Spain, but change is coming. A new storm named Sancho could replace the hot weather and possibly bring rain by the end of the week.

In recent days, temperatures have been measured up to 7°C to 15°C higher than normal. This was especially in the north of the country and the Canary Islands. This created summer conditions, with even some places in Galicia reaching over 30°C, such as Ourense with 31°C on Sunday.

Temperature drop starts in the north

However, the warm weather will not last long. There will be a drop in temperatures at the beginning of the week, mainly in the north. On Monday the mercury in some areas could be up to 10°C lower than on Sunday.

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In addition to the temperature drop, intense northerly winds are also expected along the coast of Galicia, the Ebro Valley and some areas in Catalonia on Tuesday. On Wednesday the temperature drop will be more general.

Storm Sancho

By the end of the week we should be alert for a possible new storm called Sancho. The Spanish meteorological service AEMET reports that there is a chance of a DANA with heavy rainfall, especially in the south and west of the country. The bad weather is moving from the Atlantic Ocean towards the Strait of Gibraltar and will cause rain in Andalucia, especially on Friday and Saturday.

As the weather turns, temperatures generally become milder. The nights will also be colder with possible frost in mountainous areas in the north.

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